Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.


R&D Overview

Harima's R&D puts a focus on creating new product value that contributes to building the future, and on speedily transforming research results and technologies into marketable products. We will continue to meet ever-changing market needs, always ready to challenge new and unexplored realms with an eye on the future.

Creation of New Technologies through Human Resource Development and Vitalization

We foster a research environment that encourages originality through talent development and corporate vitalization. A number of educational training opportunities, international exchanges and overseas dispatch programs are in place to strengthen collaboration with prominent research institutes around the world. We also have an award system that recognizes particularly remarkable company projects, as a way to stimulate innovation and motivation. In addition, we promote cross-industry and industry-academia-government interaction in an effort to develop talent who lead the way to the next generation of technologies.

Diverse R&D Portfolio

To meet ever-changing market needs, we strive to develop new materials and technologies around our core technologies: pine chemical technologies that utilize the natural qualities found in pines, resin synthesis technologies, emulsification and dispersion technologies and metal-joining technologies.

Image : From pine chemicals to synergistic solutions