Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.

Privacy Policy

The content of this page is based on Japanese domestic law.

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Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. will comply with all laws and other codes of conduct relating to the protection of private information that we may collect from our customers and trading partners in the course of our business. Due to the international nature of our work, we have also set up our own rules and systems. Our position is embodied in the following privacy policy. This policy is continuously enforced, and may be improved from time to time.

  1. Compliance with laws and other codes of conduct
    In our handling of personal data, we will comply with laws relating to privacy protection and with codes of conduct such as business guidelines.
    We have also established a compliance program conforming to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Q 15001 (Compliance Program for Personal Information Protection) in order to protect all personal information held by us.
  2. Purposes for which data is used
    We will clearly indicate the purposes for which personal data is collected, and we will only collect the information necessary to achieve these purposes.
  3. Use of personal information
    We will only use your personal data for purposes that have been clearly indicated to you, and only when we have received your permission to do so. We will not use your personal data for any other purpose unless we are legally obliged to do so.
  4. Disclosure to third parties
    We will carefully look after any personal information obtained from you, and will not disclose or supply this data to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so, or unless you have given us your permission to do so. In cases where personal data is entrusted to our clients, we will take measures to prevent leakage or redistribution of this information by having our clients enter into a safety management contract.
  5. Respect for your privacy rights
    If you ask us to report, disclose, modify, delete, stop using or cancel any of the personal data in our possession that relates to you personally, we will do so without delay except in cases where we are legally unable to do so. If we receive any complaints regarding our use of personal data, we will immediately investigate the circumstances of these complaints and take steps to address any concerns in good faith within a reasonable period of time.
  6. Safety management
    To ensure that your personal data is appropriately managed, we will implement systematic, personal and technical security measures to prevent and take corrective measures against illegal accessing of personal data and the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data
  7. Improvement and maintenance of privacy management
    We will ensure that our employees (full-time, temporary, part-time, contract, etc.) and stakeholders (partner businesses, outsourcing providers. service providers, etc.) are made fully aware of our privacy management policies and are kept abreast of any improvements in a timely fashion.

Handling of personal data

  1. Purposes for which personal data is used
    Based on Japan's Personal Information Protection Law (Law No. 57 of 2003, referred to as "" the law "" below), personal data we obtain from you will only be used within the scope of the following business activities and purposes.

    (1)Business activities
    1-1 Business activities relating to the manufacture, processing, sale and export of the following products, their raw materials, by-products and related products:
    1-1-1 Natural resins, and oily materials such as turpentine and tall oil
    1-1-2 Synthetic resins, synthetic resin additives, metal soaps and other industrial chemicals
    1-1-3 Pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, fragrances and flavorings
    1-1-4 Products used in arable/pastoral agriculture, aquaculture and forestry
    1-2 Business activities relating to ordinary warehouse storage
    1-3 Business activities relating to refrigerated warehouse storage
    1-4 Business activities relating to the acquisition, conveyance and provision of rights to intangible assets such as industrial property rights and know-how
    1-5 Business activities relating to the operation and management of golf courses, golf practice grounds, other sports facilities and related facilities
    1-6 Business activities relating to the sterilization, disinfection and sale of medical equipment and instruments
    1-7 Business activities relating to all forms of work supplementary to or associated with each of the above

    2-1 Receiving orders for products, resources, promotional items etc., shipping items, receiving payments, settling payments, and confirming these actions
    2-2 Providing information about new products, other services, etc.
    2-3 Providing guidance relating to entertainments, events and the like, accepting applications, processing admissions, contacting participants, and other related business activities
    2-4 Providing company information and employment details to job applicants, establishing contact with them, investigating their suitability for the position in question, and reporting the outcomes of these investigations
    2-5 Contacting, negotiating and discussing with our trading partners and customers, and sending messages of congratulation, condolence, seasonal greetings, etc.
    2-6 Human resource management of executives and regular employees, and management of welfare and retirement programs
    2-7 Exercising our legal rights and obligations
    2-8 Implementing and analyzing surveys relating to subjects such as customer preferences and purchasing trends, or the usage of our products and services
    2-9 Receiving and responding to our customers'requests, opinions, feedback and complaints, and managing these activities

  2. Purposes for which personal data is used
    As required by law, we will accept requests from individuals who want us to report on the purposes for which personal data is disclosed and used, make corrections in cases where the content of the personal data is contrary to the actual situation, or who want us to stop using this data or stop providing it to third parties (referred to below as "" disclosure, etc. "" ). With regard to the specific procedure of requests for disclosure, etc., please contact the inquiries department mentioned below. Please note that administrative charges will be payable for requests for disclosure of personal information and requests for notification of the purposes for which it is used.
  3. Inquiries regarding our handling of personal data, questions and complaints
    Please use our CONTACT page for further clarification and inquiries.