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Shorai Foundation for Science and TechnologyShorai Foundation for Science and Technology

Sueyoshi Hasegawa, founder, has focused attention on tall oil as a material useful in a wide range of applications from an early stage. He progressed to realize his long-held aspiration and launched the trial production of tall oil in 1952, heralding the start of research and development into this substance. Introducing the beauty of tall oil nationwide and cultivating its potential applications; the history of tall oil cultivation is inseparable from that of Harima Chemicals itself. Our long-standing achievement in tall oil operation was recognized and Sueyoshi Hasegawa, president (at the time), received a Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology (now known as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Taking advantage of this occasion, the Shorai Foundation for Science and Technology was established in March 1983, designed to subsidize and encourage activities including research, study and international exchanges in science and technology. We sincerely hope to make a contribution to promote the advancement of science and technology through this project.

Sueyoshi Hasegawa
Founder of Harima Chemicals, Inc.

Established: March 1, 1983
Competent Authority: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Basic Fund: 540,250,000 yen

Website : https://www.shorai-foundation.or.jp/
"Shorai" means wind, or the sound of wind, blowing through pine trees.
(loan in trust: 500 million yen, investment securities: 40,250,000 yen <certificates for shares of stock of Harima Chemicals, Inc: 805,000 >)